Eco-Gear “Black Rhino” - Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

EcoGear shows that ballistic nylon without harmful toxic chemicals is possible and just as strong as the “ordinary” material.

The Black Rhino is a backpack that was created with all aspects of travel in mind, and comes complete multiple compartments made to fit everything from laptops and cell phones, to clothes, water bottles, and other outdoor necessities.

The Black Rhino is a multi-functional backpack that comes with a multitude of compartments that make travel trouble-free. It includes a section for laptops that conveniently pulls-out to form a padded laptop sleeve with handles for easy accessibility. It also has a deluxe organizer pocket, cell phone holder, and even an MP3 player compartment, complete with an outlet for easy access to headphones. Aside from that, the Black Rhino also features large compartments that are perfect for carrying a change of clothes, shoes, and anything else you might need on a visit to the great outdoors. The bag is made of entirely eco-friendly and sustainable materials including PVC-free nylon and non-toxic dyes. It comes with extra features like padded shoulder straps and a mesh vent back, making it as light and comfortable as possible.

The “Black Rhino” pack is one of the best backpacks of this kind that I have seen, so far, and will be equally at home in the city and the boardroom as in the backwoods and on the trail.

The styling is extremely smart and the bag will go equally well with a business suit as with blue jeans and a lumberjack shirt.

The Black Rhino has an all-black exterior and comes with a soft lined valuables pouch on the shoulder strap. It promises the full functionality of other bags, with the additional bonus of being completely safe and eco-friendly. The bag retails for $59.99 and can be purchased on the Ecogear e-commerce site. For more information on the Black Rhino or any of Ecogear’s products please visit

As far as I understand Ecogear will shortly also have packs the material of which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Together with the ethics of non-toxic dyes and such that should be one of the greenest backpacks of this nature than available, I should think.

Eagerly looking forward, I must say, to be able to lay my hands onto one of them as a sample for review as and when they hit the market.

The “Black Rhino”, as said, is an environmentally friendly backpack that looks good everywhere and with the built-in removable padded laptop bag that will take, so it appears, notebook PCs up to about 17 inch screen, is the ideal bag for today's busy executive who may have to travel at a moment's notice.

You ask as to whether I like it? Have a guess! The answer is “very much so” and I may become rather attached to it, methinks.

Some folks might consider the price tag to be a rather big one at $60 but you get a lot of bag for your bucks and you don't have to feel guilty as regards the environment when purchasing and using an Ecogear bag.

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