Compost Aerating Tool from Lakeland – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Compost Aerating Tool
Two Winged Compost Tool (thus named by the manufacturers).
Lakeland Ref: 50954 Price: 8.93 GBP

One of the tricks to producing good quality compost is to stir it up around once a month to maintain air circulation, as this provides better conditions for the bacteria that keep the composting process going. Now they tell me that.

Push this device into your compost heap or the material in your compost bin (the Dalek type), give it a twist, and then pull it out again. This is a simple process that will is reckoned to greatly improve the finished product.

Made from iron with comfortable handles, though I have found that when using it in composters as described the butterfly wing nuts that attach the handle to the stem of the device at times get in the way.

The device has got wings that fold flat against the shaft for easy insertion and when twisted and pulled upwards they deploy thereby opening cavities in the compost allowing air to enter.

This mixing in of air into the compost and the exposure of material to the surface assists oxidization, speeds decomposition, and helps to eliminate odors cause d by the micro-organisms.

I can vouch for the odors. I had not noticed how bad the stuff smelled until I used the aerating tool to disturb the material. Yikes! And that smell is a bad sign they tell me.

The device assembles very easy and the use is simple too.

Can highly recommend such a tool for anyone wishing to produce good compost on his or her allotment or for his or her garden at home.

This toll can be found in the “out of the kitchen” catalog from Lakeland on page 33.

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