Climate change Big Brother has arrived!

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Climate Change, so we have been told, may force the governments to tell farmers what to grow instead of letting them grow what they want where they want.

According to sources government assumes that unless farmers are told by the powers that be in light of the Climate Change what to plant and where, those farmers will get it all wrong.

The powers that be have decided that farmers cannot be trusted to know what to plant where and how in the changing climate that may – or may not – bet getting warmer still. We do know the climate is playing havoc at present and Mother Earth is sure throwing a wobbly but I very much doubt that government and its scientists know any better about planting what and where than do farmers. In fact those that work with the soil for a living on a daily basis, I am convinced, know more about it than do those in ivory towers.

Welcome to worldwide government controlled planned farming, with Climate Change as the most phoniest of reasons possible.

Planned agriculture never worked. It did not for the then Soviet Union, nor in the then German Democratic Republic, or any other such states. But, it would appear that, with Climate Change as a phony reason governments in the developed world will go down the planned and controlled farming route.

The powers that be now think that they have a great way of controlling agriculture and what is being grown where and how much and hereby controlling food and that all by claiming that because of Global Warming/Climate Change farmers will need to be directed in what to plant where and such.

I must say that I had a real great problem keeping a straight face when I was told this and were it not for the fact that April 1st is well gone for this year and next year's one is still a way away I would have assumed this to be an April Fools.

Not wishing to be seen as an alarmist or thought by folks that I want to be a prophet I am beginning to think that we will be seeing a lot more of those controls in the guise of this and that needing to be done by control because of Climate Change.

What next? Are we going to be told next what job to do and where and how and when and where to live and how? I have the horrible suspicion that this is going to be the case. Let the reader take note and watch those that claim to work for our good.

I am no prophet and do not not aspire to be one but I saw the writing on the wall as to the fact that there are moves afoot to take away the right to personal car ownership under the “fighting global warming” mantra and this is now becoming reality in a number of places.

I dread to think what is going to be over the horizon and going to hit us all next in the name of this fight against global warming/climate change.

© 2009