British Home Secretary backtracks on ID Cards

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The British Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) has on June 30 announced that the planned ID cards will no longer be compulsory for British citizens.

This is one gigantic U-turn on that issue appertaining the controversial ID card system and one which, theoretically, make the 50-billion GBP scheme a farce.

The system that was claimed to be a bulwark against terrorists and all that was nothing but an attempt in “people control” and I may be wrong but I can still see the government, at some stage, do an total climb down and abandon the system of ID cards entirely, for presently they will remain compulsory for all foreign workers and asylum seekers and available as voluntary ones for British citizens.

ID cards will do nothing and can do nothing again the determined terrorist, and are useless entirely against the homegrown Islamic or other terrorists, who would be on the cards as British, even if they had an ID card.

Compulsory ID cards have been in existence in Germany at least ever since the Nazis if they were not there before them and they still exist and it did nothing against the Bader-Meinhoff Gang, the so-called Rote Armee Faktion, and such like. Yes, many of those had false ID cards and in those days forging cards was not all that difficult but...

The money allocated for this ID card scheme in Britain could be much better spent creating green jobs, for instance, and a proper green infrastructure.

And on that note I rest my case...

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