Weed-Control Goats

Goats are a natural way to keep weeds under control without the use of herbicides or heavy equipment.

Goats are useful animals, providing us with milk, meat and wool. They have fulfilled these important roles for thousands of years, enabling humankind to survive and thrive on just about every continent. In today’s world, where most people buy their meat and dairy in the grocery store and wear clothing made from synthetic materials, some goats have found new ways to help humans get through the day. These special goats — represented by many goat breeds — serve as goats in 4-H, pack goats for hikers and companion goats.

Another goat activity that is gaining interest throughout the United States is vegetation control. Weedsare tasty to most goats, which are natural browsers. This makes the use of goats an excellent method to control unwanted vegetation without the use of herbicides or heavy equipment.

This method of using goats to keep weeds to a minimum, called “mitigation,” helps reduce the risk of brush fires. In the Western United States, the use of goats for weed control is becoming popular. Some goat owners have started their own small businesses, hiring their goats out to land owners and even government municipalities for vegetation control.

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