This eco-village in Panama will be constructed from recycled plastic bottles


Plastic Bottle Village demonstrates another approach to repurposing single-use bottles.

In a world where billions of disposable recyclable plastic bottles are used each year, finding innovative ways to reuse them in the area where they are collected is a noble challenge. Earlier this year, I wrote about a company using a relatively low-tech method of turning plastic waste into solid panels to build homes out of in Mexico, which is one way to approach the issue, but there's another way to use plastic bottles to build with, which a project in Panama hopes to use to construct an eco-village.

The Plastic Bottle Village, located on Isla Colón in Panama's Bocas del Toro province, is a planned 83-acre eco-community that will eventually include some 120 homes, all of which will be built with used plastic bottles as the main insulation, which not only repurposes the bottles, but which also keeps the interiors of the buildings about 17°C cooler than the outside, without requiring any other energy inputs.

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