Uproot front yard garden bans: 15 reasons to grow front yard vegetable gardens

Uproot front yard garden ban: 15 reasons to grow front yard vegetable gardens

Flowers in a front yard garden grow smiles, but a veggies in front yard garden sow seeds of doubt at least with Florida lawmakers. A south Florida couple, Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carroll, of Miami Shores, were made to uproot their front yard garden in 2013. They finally got the chance to air their grievances on the front yard garden bans on June 13, 2016, reported the Courthouse News Report. The case is similar to that of an Oak Park, Michigan mother. In 2011, the city of Oak Park charged Julie Bass with misdemeanor front yard vegetable garden growing. Here are 15 reasons to uproot front yard garden bans and grow front yard vegetable gardens.

* Front yard vegetable gardens are food. Vegetables grow resources while flowers (what Oak Park and Miami Shores want in a front yard garden) waste them. Flowers are expensive, purely ornamental luxuries. They require lots of water, use toxic chemicals and pesticides to make them grow big. Organic front yard vegetable gardeners like Hermine Ricketts and Tom Carrol and Julie Bass give back to nature rather than take from it. They are help the earth instead of hurting it.

* Organic food is healthier, but it's also expensive. Farm markets like Detroit Eastern Market vend awesome organic produce, but it's costly. And don't even get started on the price of organic produce at Whole Foods! So, farmers like Julie Bass, Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts figured why not grow your own. So they grew front yard vegetable gardens.

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