I am beginning to believe that the Left is right

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

640px-Charles_Moore,_former_editor_of_the_Daily_Telegraph,_at_Edmund_Burke_Philosopher,_Politician,_ProphetAlready in 2011 the authorized biographer of Margaret Thatcher, Charles Moore, wrote: I am coming to the conclusion that the Left is correct.

One of the big arguments of the Left is, so Moore, that that what the Right calls the Free Market, a very large scam is.

The rich operate a global system which permits them to accumulate capital by paying the lowest possible price for labor. The poor have to work harder and ever harder under conditions that daily become more insecure to make the rich ever richer.

The democracy, which should have brought financial security for most, is in the hands of the bankers, the media barons and other moguls, who own everything.

The neo-liberal myth that success and wealth at the top of society will lead to the effect that a great deal of it will filter down to those at the bottom has so far been proven to be humbug and a fallacy. On the contrary the rich are getting ever richer and the poor ever poorer and the so-called middle class is working towards total burnout in the hamster wheel.

But we must also see this as the aim of neo-liberalism, of the new fascism under capitalism, which is that if the people have to work harder and harder in the hamster wheel to make ends meet, often not only both partners in a family having to work but needing two jobs each to achieve this, keeps them from thinking too much, or not at all, about how things are and thus keeps them from revolting and from rising up against their oppressors. People who are too tired from trying to make a living are also too tired to rise up and man the barricades.

In addition the neo-liberals feed the people bullshit via the media that they control and keep them entirely dumbed down as to matters of politics. Bread a circuses was the Roman way and today things are not much different.

The media tends to present – in the main – only that what the governments and the neo-liberal elite tells them to present, and much of that is garbage. All intended to keep the masses dumb and subservient.

And on top of that they make people believe that they are free, with the help of the controlled media, as they, the people, are allowed to vote every four or five years, for a new team that oppresses them. If voting would make a difference, said Mark Twain, a communist, they would make it illegal. Think about that one.

We, the people, are told that we are free because we are allowed to elect the people that rule us, that is to say our oppressors. We, the people, are not free. It is an illusion created to keep us from revolting. True democracy means that the people govern themselves. Where precisely is that the case? In which country?

We do not need a new government, we need a new system. A system where there people govern themselves and where the means of productions are in the hands of those that labor. Period!

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