Britain is screwed whatever happens, unless…

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Regardless of whether the United Kingdom on Thursday, June 23, votes to leave the European Union or not, or whether a pro-Brexit vote is overturned by parliament, as Members of Parliament have threatened, Britain is screwed.

While this referendum is the last chance ever for Britain to take back its sovereignty from the EU the fact remains that as far as the people of Britain are concerned it will make little or no difference, unless they are going to do something about it. Neo-liberalism rules in our parliament as much as elsewhere in the EU including and especially the farce that is called the EU Parliament, and is deep entrenched everywhere.

Neo-liberalism, with its US counterpart neo-conservatism, is the new fascism pure and simple and its aim is to usurp all forms of democracy – not that we have true democracy anywhere – and replace it with the oligarchy of the multinational corporations. Trade agreements like TTP, TTIP and CETA are the tools for this corporate takeover of all countries, lead by the United States and the European Union.

A vote to leave the EU on Thursday, however, and thus a Brexit, if parliament agrees, would give to the people of Britain at least the possibility to change the system here, if they would be so minded and could actually be bothered to do something rather than just rant and rave. Remaining in the EU, on the other hand, would seal that fate once and for all because once the EU changes from members states – with some degree of sovereignty – to regions with none (and this is already being readied to be rolled out in the very near future) then there is no way possible for the people of any region to influence things, short of an outright revolution, possibly with the use of violence.

A Brexit could, on the other hand, cause this neo-liberal behemoth that is the European Union to collapse from the inside and end this stupidity of a United States of Europe once and for all. As a trade bloc the EEC was fine and good, but as soon as it began creating the structures for a superstate it became a dangerous construct and should have been strangled at birth.

On the other hand, if the British people do not take their destiny into their own hands they are screwed anyway as the current political structure, and that includes almost all political parties in the country, is but neo-liberalism and thus fascism. When elected politicians believe that they are above the people who have elected them into office then what you have is state fascism and it is thus almost everywhere in the member states of the EU, as they are still at this moment. The real legislating body of the EU does not have elected members, as the so-called EU Parliament is a farce only and a pretense to blind the masses into believing that this becoming state called, EU, or Europe, is democratic.

Fascism is not necessarily wearing brown and screaming “Sieg Heil”. In fact today's fascists do not wear paramilitary uniforms and insignia but Armani suits and RayBan shades. It is those real fascists, the old and new Nazis, that we need to worry about and not the cannon-fodder in the form of the various idiotic, though dangerous, outfits.

© 2016