VOSS Water

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

VossWater1Well, first we had bottled water, still and sparkling, then more bottled water, followed by Smart Water (and please don't ask me what's smart about it), Vitamin Water (oh sh*t) and now, when we might have thought it could not get more stupid, along come Voss Water, in other words, designer water. Oh, sorry, I forgot, they demand it be spelled VOSS. Help!!! I don't even want to ask or think what might be the next.

This is water, period, however much you wish to wrap it up in a designer bottle.

The Voss water (or VOSS, if they had their way) is named after an unrelated Norwegian town and the water in the bottle is said to come from Iveland, in Southern Norway, and is supposed to be very special. Oh, really? Gimme a break!

Fair enough it may be Norwegian spring water but then again it may well have sprung from the mains supply in Iveland but at almost £3 (that is almost $4.50) per 800ml this is taking the biscuit.

OK, they do have rather fancy glass bottles for their water but I cannot see that such a bottle warrants the price and after all the stuff in it is water, even if it claims to be spring water. And the fact that it comes from a source far away for many consumers makes it not very sustainable at all. It a bullshit, and that's all.

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