Aldi LED 5W Trekking Torch – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Aldi LED Trekking Torch 5W
Product Ref: 093239024654200
£ 6.99

LED-Trekking-Torch-5W-AThe brand of this torch is Cree LEDs and it is available in all black or a black and green combination. The material of the body is aluminium and galvanized steel. Run time estimated to be 3.5 - 7 hours depending on whether full power or low power operation used.

As per almost usual with battery-powered products at Aldi batteries are included. Also included is a nylon web belt pouch with a “Velcro” closure. As the torch does come with a pen-style clip the pouch is, to some extent, rather superfluous.

The torch has a claimed beam length of 130m, which is difficult to check, obviously, unless one can actually measure it, but let me put it this way that this is so far the small LED torch, what our American cousins refer to as a flashlight, with the farthest reach.

It has a 3 mode operation, 100%, 50% and off, is said to be waterproof as well as impact and shock resistant. I am glad that it does not have a flash mode, as do so many, as I do find that one rather a useless one.

The light can be switched between beam and flood by pulling the outer part of the head of the torch forward or back. Back is flood and forward full beam.

What I especially like about this torch is that, unlike so many LED ones nowadays, it does not employ a carrier for 3 AAA batteries but uses 2 AA ones behind each other and thus avoiding the problem often encountered with the carriers where one battery may not connect properly and thus the light output drops.

This torch, I would reckon, is equally useful for outdoors activities and trekking as well as for use by security personnel.

This torch is part of the Aldi special buys and thus means it is only available as and when and thus it is advisable to stuck up when they are there. Having tested it I wish I would have gotten another one as a spare.

Rating: From what I have seen so far the Aldi LED Trekking Torch 5W will have to get 5 out of 5.

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Disclosure statement: Unlike generally when reviewing a product this one was actually purchased and reviewed because it was liked. It was not provided by Aldi nor their suppliers nor the manufacturer of the product.