Revolution cannot be imposed

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

No revolution can ever be imposed from above. It has to come from the grassroots, and political revolution has to go hand-in-hand with social and economic revolution and vice versa.

Revolution-Fist_smlIn fact, no system can be enforced and imposed from above, or from the outside (by force of arms) and that also goes for so-called democracy, which needs changing anyway (but that is a different story).

The same also applies to the so-called “green revolution” and people will not follow unless they can truly understand the whys and wherefores and to that extent it must be properly explained and leadership has to be by example.

Representatives of green NGOs and such jetting off to one international gabfest after the other half-way across the globe cannot hope to get people to change their behavior. Only leadership by example and not a “do as we tell you” approach will bring forth followers.

You cannot expect to carry the masses along with you when you do the opposite to what you preach and what you demand of them. With all the technology available today there is no need to have real meetings in real venues in some remote place. It can and should be done in the virtual realm and even then a bit less frequently. We might get some real work done then in the meantime.

Flying half-way across the globe several times a year to those gabfests in far flung corners does not for a good example make and will not convince the ordinary punter that he or she should fly less and drive less.

Much like politicians those “green leaders” want to be seen and like to mingle with all those others who think they lead a “green” revolution, slapping each other on the back while the Planet goes to hell.

Most politicians are also cut from the same cloth and care nothing about the people the claim, and I do stress claim, to represent. They only care about their own ego, about power and about lining their own pockets.

We need an urgent change on both levels and we do need a true revolution. A social, political, economic and environmental one, ideally combined. But neither can be forced. The revolutions have to come about from the grassroots and this means that we must convince the people. We cannot impose those things on them.

© 2014