DIY Fence and Wall Repair

DIY Fence and Wall Repair made easy with simple diagrams and clear, concise instructions.

Landscaping (Skills Institute Press, 2011) is a comprehensive reference that provides practical tips for any homeowner looking to create a more attractive yard. Compiled by a number of landscaping experts and professionals, each selection features time-tested and easy-to-follow instructions useful for designing and cultivating an effective landscape plan. This excerpt offers DIY fence and wall repair instructions with colorful illustrations and clear steps.

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Even the best-made fence will eventually need repairs. The effects of traffic, weather, and time all take their toll. A few simple fixes, however, can add years to the life of a fence. The commonest problem is rotten wood. Often, most of the board is still sound with only the ends decayed. A quick solution is to support the damaged board with a small block of wood. A board with more extensive deterioration can be supported by a sister rail. To ensure your repairs are long-lived, buy pressure-treated wood.

Problematic Posts

A loose post set in soil can often be stabilized by pressing down around the post with a tamping bar. If the post needs added support, bolt on 2-by-4 sister post. For a badly damaged post set in soil or concrete, remove and replace the post.

Brick Wall Repairs

Bricks occasionally need replacement when mortar joints crack or bricks are damaged. A loose brick can usually be worked out of the wall with a pry bar or the end of a cold chisel. A dam­aged brick may be removed with a cold chisel and a maul. First break the mortar around the brick, then split it into pieces small enough to free with a pry bar.

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