Choose Freedom

Freedom from government slavery

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

choosefreedomIf we are truly free – as we are told – then there is no one, absolutely no one, no god, no king, no government, no man or woman, who governs our life. The truth, however, is a different one and there is a government and from birth till death we are controlled by it. That means that as long as there is a government and a state each and everyone of us is but a slave of the government, of the state.

Too often we hear people say that the state, that government, is a necessary evil but that does not at all compute for that would also mean that evil is necessary, if you get my drift, as they say, and I cannot see that evil can be necessary.

The state, government, and organized (state) religion all are but means of oppression and maintaining the people in perpetual slavery and servitude to the ruling classes. This we can see in the way religion, and here predominately the three Abrahamic Faiths, has been going at it. Jesus may have been very much a revolutionary but ever since Saul of Tarsus things went very much back into the rut of “we must be slaves to the state as God has ordained the state to be over us.” Doh?!?

Kings, even despots of the highest order, were claimed to having been anointed and appointed by God and thus, it was said and taught, that the people must obey them in all things. Children in schools were taught to doff their caps or curtsy to they “betters” and never to aspire to anything above their station, as their station was God-appointed and thus it was a sin against God to desire and aspire to become like their “betters”. And dare a working class child in school utter the wish to become a doctor or a lawyer. A beating from the teacher sure would follow. By those and other means people were kept in chains – though invisible ones – as slaves to the system and it is still the same today.

Each and every person, man, woman or child, is of equal value regardless of whether a factory worker, a peasant, a road sweeper, a doctor or a lawyer. There are no lesser and no betters and we are born free. Therefore choose freedom and reject slavery.

© 2014