Go places cars can't, take routes that cars can’t

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

There are some spectacular places where two wheels can take you but where four wheels cannot, even 4x4 vehicles, and that is also good so in all of those cases.

bicycle01_smlBesides the healthier and more engaging commute to work, I truly believe that there is greater excitement and fulfillment to be had from traveling by bike. But then I would say that considering that I do not drive and only use the bike (or walk or travel, when necessary, by public transport).

Cycling opens possibilities that allow you to carve your own path, either through a busy city, or in the countryside where discovering new and hidden places becomes a regular desire and where you can also stop, without having to think as to whether you may, to look at things.

When in town and city with a bicycle you also do not have to think as to whether there will be a parking space available somewhere and whether you have the right amount of money for the meter; you don't need it.

Driving you can often feel detached, and in fact you are detached, from the world which you are moving through, whereas cycling provides a tactile connection to the environment that is hard to replicate. It also makes the likes of law officers and park rangers, forest rangers and the like more approachable by members of the public than as when they drive around in vehicles.

Riding a bike can take you to places that cars cannot reach, or would never see, to the secluded gems that become private hangouts and provide memories that never fade.

In towns and cities, as well as the countryside, with a bicycle you can take routes that are out of bounds to cars, in general, but where bikes are allowed, and thus you can also ride at times well away from busy roads and traffic, but still reach your destination, and often quicker.

And, in general, for short journeys, in town and countryside alike, in my opinion, the bicycle is quicker, in most cases if not all, and with the right kit you can do quite a lot with a bike in places were you could never take a car.

A bicycle is also a great deal cheaper to run than a car. It requires no fuel, no road tax of any king and not even – at least not so far – any kind of insurance and car be repaired easily and the simplest kind, without sophisticated gear change mechanism, even the non-tech minded user can repair those.

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