Forced adoption and forced foster care of (Gypsy) children in UK

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, June 8, 2014: Gypsies steal children people have always been told as children and that was not that long ago. In fact, however, it is not the Gypsy People stealing children but it is their children that are being stolen from them, by the state.

Much like in the days of Pro-Juventute in Switzerland when the children of the Yenish and Sinti were taken from their families by this “charity” in their program “children of the country road” (Kinder der Landstrasse) the governments in the UK (and other EU members states) has embarked on removing Gypsy children from their families and having them forcibly adopted.

It is, however, not only Gypsies and their children this is happening to. The children of others are also being taken away and given away for adoption, without the parents being accorded any rights, but it would appear that the targets are primarily Romani children, and more often than not with no real reason for doing so.

But with fostering and adoption now becoming privatized and thus a business you have to get the kids from somewhere so that people, more often than not childless couples, can adopt those.

In addition to that what easier way of destroying a People and a Culture than taking away the children and placing them away from the influence of the Culture and Traditions of the People you wish to remove from the face of the earth as a people. It is so simple.

In most instances there is a total news blackout on any of those cases and thus the media cannot report on what is happening while in other instances the media chooses to ignore what is happening as it does not fit with the image of the particular people that it wants to portray. In the same way that some papers in the UK have only reported and headlined a very small segment of the statement of Pope Francis I during a recent meeting of the Catholic Church's Mission to the Gypsies in Rome.

And where are the Romani political representatives, or at least the organizations that make such claims, such as the International Roma(ni) Union? As usual very conspicuous by their absence, and the same goes for the ERTF. Their silence speaks volumes as does that of other human rights organizations.

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