German Social Democrats and Greens call for support for Juncker

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

SPD_Gruene_JunckerThe German Social Democratic Party and the German Green Party is calling for a support for Jean-Claude Juncker for the leader of the European Commission, the quasi-European (Union) President.

Personally I can but come to the conclusion that the two parties, the SPD (German Social Democrats) and the Greens, are very far indeed removed from anything that is democracy in ideal and idea.

Let's look at one only of Juncker's statements to see what he – and the European Union – are up to and democracy it certainly is not.

He said: “When we decide something then we float it and wait for some time to see what happens. If there is then no great outcry against it and no revolts, because mot of them do not even understand what has been decided, we simply continue, step for step, until there is no going back.”

Very much like it was done when Ireland held a referendum about the Lisbon Treaty and the Irish people voted with a resounding NO. The Irish government was then told by Brussels to keep holding referendums until such a date that the people were sick and tired of it and would give in and vote YES.. And this was done and the Irish, in the end, voted YES to it.

This they then present to the world as a democratic decision by the people (of Europe) with Ireland in that case having been the only nation where there people were actually given the opportunity to vote on the issue. In all other countries the citizens were considered too stupid too come to a proper conclusion as to this treaty and which way to vote.

This support for this man as the quasi-European president by those two parties – and let's not even mention the German Christian-Democrats, who are neither Christian nor are they democrats – shows that the German Social Democrats and the Green Party of that country are about as far removed from reality and the people and the working class and their interests as Mars is from Earth, if not even further.

It is, therefore, good to see that the people are waking up to the shenanigans of the professional politicians who are only interested in themselves and not the good of the people they claim to represent and are beginning to take things into their own hands, if only by way of awakening others, and this is especially true in Germany and some other countries on the European mainland. Britain still lags very much behind here, once again, and the apathy of the people shows through on all levels.

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