Free cookbook teaches you how to eat well on $4 a day

good-and-cheap-cookbook.JPG.662x0_q100_crop-scaleThe grocery stores are full of really cheap junk foods and prepared foods, most of which aren't really conducive to optimal health, but which might appeal to the frugal shopper, the penny pincher, and those on a limited income. And if you don't have the skills or the recipes necessary to turn basic staple ingredients into healthy meals, eating poorly can turn into a self-sustaining habit that yields a diet low in nutrients and high in added sugars (and other subpar ingredients).

One big factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family is sticking to a good diet made from real foods, which is all well and good if you've got a decent food budget, but another thing entirely if you're just scraping by every month. But thanks to the work of Leanne Brown, you can learn how to put healthy food on the table, without sacrificing taste or variety, even on a very limited budget of $4 a day.

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