Loyalty cards for independent shops boost local economy

Following a successful pilot in Liverpool, a loyalty card scheme for independent shops is being rolled out in cities across the UK in a bid to reclaim the high streets of Britain and beyond

PN-Summer-2014_Independents_Liverpool-card-2-385x250If Sainsbury’s draws in customers with Nectar Points and Tesco attracts buyers with its Club Card, why can’t local butchers, bakers and coffee shops use a similar tool? Recent graduates David Williams and Oliver Press, both 23, asked themselves this very question. When they saw the fourth chain supermarket open up in their area and many independent retailers close down, they knew it was time to act.

The pair came up with the idea for Independent Liverpool: a loyalty card offering discounts in independent shops around the city. People buy the card online for £10 and get benefits in all participating stores and cafes, which are advertised through a mobile app. Offers range from discounts to buy one get one free hot drinks.

Within months, 5,000 Liverpudlians had bought the card and over 60 independent retailers, cafes and restaurant owners had come on board.

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