Many people just don’t seem to want to be free

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Many people, it would appear, just do not want to be free. The reason for this, even though they say they do want to be free, is because freedom means taking responsibility for your actions; it means taking responsibility for your failures and who wants to do that?

It might appear strange, but I believe that most people would rather be the victim of good intentions of someone else rather than to fail due to their own actions.

Freedom is a blow to the ego. It’s much more comforting to play the victim. It’s much more comforting to fail a test and blame the teacher for hating you instead of having to admit you failed because you were lazy or stupid. It’s much more comforting if one’s life isn’t the way he or she wants to say, “My life is the way it is due to racism and/or sexism and that’s why I don’t have the job I want, the money I want, the grades I want, etc.” than saying, “The reason my life isn’t the way I want is do to my own actions. It’s because I think more about satisfying my immediate whims instead of planning for the future. It’s because I’m lazy and incompetent.” In short, the reason so many people fear freedom is because in a state of freedom, if things in their lives go wrong they have no one to blame but themselves, and that is something they just do not want to do.

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