We need a new way

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Governments excel at some things, mainly things we wish they weren't so adept at, namely at collecting taxes, which is, basically stealing property; in incarcerating (kidnapping) its citizens and locking them in cages and in the USA, under the NDAA legislation this can be done for an indefinite period and that totally without trial; killing human beings of different nationalities; and denying natural-born rights to its citizens.

On the other hand, governments fail at many, many things, mainly things we wish they didn't have their noses in, such as the educating our children; providing for the downtrodden; keeping our currency viable; and ensuring the safety of our food supply.

It is time to end the failed experiment of government. We need a new way.

And when we say that all too many people think that we are talking about needing a new government but that is just replacing one ruler with another, and even in so-called democracy.

It is true and also shocking that to this very day there is no consensus in politics as to what constitutes the public good. We must also come to understand that most politicians appear to have no interest in serving the people. They seem to be interested in gaining power and then being able to lord it over the populous.

When we say that we need a new system people who do not understand anything but being government pipe up with “but what would happen in the case of criminal activity if society did not have rules and someone to enforce them?” And they think it's unrealistic to expect that everyone will be 'good' if there is no one to keep order. The fact is that there are other ways to deal with crime that may occur. And they also ask as to how we would defend a country if threatened by outside forces. The answer to the latter is by means of a militia and the former by means of a sheriff's posse.

None of our governments and with it the military has any business in other countries, be this Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere. The brief for most military forces if “defense of the realm” (or some words similar) and the realm, as far as, for instance, the UK is concerned, ends at the borders of the territorial waters of the country and those of its dependencies. Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, etc., are not part of the realm.

When it comes to collecting of taxes the fact is that most governments don't so much collect the taxes but have brainwashed people so nicely that the latter send them in. On, when it comes to income tax of employees in, say the UK, the PAYE system (pay-as-you-earn) has the employer deducting the taxes straight from employees wages and salaries. The worker has no control as to how much tax he or she pays and, unlike many other countries, tax rebates are not to be had either.

When it comes to crime fighting government is, actually, not all that good. Most people who commit crime (real or fake) are not imprisoned. Many are never even caught.

Government is only effective as a means of controlling others and putting the costs off to other people. The only thing that governments really have succeeded at is convincing people that they are legitimate and need to be obeyed.

Is the “free market” the answer here? I doubt it as well.

We need to create a new system where people count, and that goes for both the political system as well as the economic system.

© 2012