The coming winter could be hard one

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If the signs of Nature are anything to go by, and the old people would say so, then the winter 2012/2013 in Britain could be a severe one.

Winter_webThe gray squirrels are so active in storing up fat by eating like no one's business and gathering nuts to store.

While in previous years the White Pines had cones laying about underneath this year all one sees is the ribs of those cones, because the squirrels have eaten all the seeds and they are getting rather fat too.

Berries on shrubs and trees also doing a rather rapid disappearing trick, aided and abetted by all manner of wildlife.

I will admit that I am not a meteorologist and do not have the skills to interpret the charts and such like but if, as I said, the tales of the old country folks are anything to go by then those are signs of a coming hard and harsh winter.

Warnings were given, though, already a while back by some that can read the long range weather charts and especially because of the fact that we have had not real sunshine this last summer.

And, just in time for the possibility of a dark and cold winter the energy companies – owned all by foreign companies – have decided to raise the prices for the domestic consumers by around 11%, and that is all of the big, foreign owned ones.

Such utilities should never be in the hands of foreign companies in the first instance and neither should they be privately owned, and the same goes for water and transportation. But that is a different story.

It is time to prepare for the possibility of a cold winter and the time is about running out in this quarter. And preparation does not just mean digging the woollies out of storage and getting firewood (for those that use wood fuel) but also and especially preparing mentally for this event.

Winter is a-coming and it could be a cold one...

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