Green gifting

Handmade is best

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When it comes to gifting, whether for a birthday or for Christmas, Chanukah, etc., gifts that the giver has made him- or herself are more appreciated by the recipient than are bought goods. This is what a study seems to be suggesting and I am sure that this is the case.

The fact is that if you make something as a gift for someone most people appreciate the time and the effort and skill that has gone into making the gift and in most case such an item is treasured for ever (almost); at least by the great majority.

Homemade is also a the greenest way of giving for any occasion and it was the way of many of our parents and grandparents. Or at least of those that did not come from the high classes in society. When I was a child that also was the norm for any kind of celebrations.

Aside from the fact that money was, more often than not, in short supply and thus bought gifts were out of the question, and that was as gifts for us from parents, grandparents or other members of the family or the other way around.

I remember that we seem to appreciate such gifts probably more than if someone had gone out and bought a toy or whatever for us that would not have been much use to us anyway, at least not for long.

A handmade knife, a slingshot, or whatever else, was more appreciated by us than if someone had gone out and bought something that we might not have, as I said, been able to make much use of.

With many people this would, I am sure, still be the case today. Though, that is true, many children today are so spoiled that they think they have to have every new thing they want from the stores. The problem is that it was the parents of the children of today, and maybe already their parents, that caused this by allowing themselves and their children being brainwashed by commercials.

Aside from the fact that we are in a serious economic downturn and money is becoming tight for many homemade gifts are the future, as will be homemade in a lot of departments, if things continue the way that they go.

So, maybe, this holiday season think of making gifts for family and friends rather than going out and buying Chinese-made toys for the kids and things like socks, ties, etc., for the adults.

A homemade handmade gift also shows the recipient that the giver has thought about what the recipient might like, considering his or her hobbies, etc. and this shows that the person cares. Anyone can go to the stores and buy something, but handmade by the giver is a different kettle of fish in the appreciation department all together.

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