Poverty is a state of mind...

...but also the parent of revolution and crime

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While this may sound rather flippant it is true to some extent for, more often than not, those that we in the West regard as being poor are richer in so many other things.

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime” stated Aristotle and, to some extent, he does have a point also in this as, it would appear, poverty has lead to revolution and to crime in many of our civilized nations.

In the first instance, however, it is much more true that poverty is a state of mind for if we do not see ourselves as poor despite the obvious lack of material possessions in excess then it has not effect on us.

The problem is, however, that in modern society, and it was also ready thus during the time of Aristotle, it would appear, all too many people want always more, more and still more. And, if they cannot get it by legal means, because they are “poor” in financial terms, many riot and others just rob and steal.

As long as the system and our society is thing-oriented, where material possessions and money are the priority, instead of person-oriented where people count, we will have problems. When all revolves around the best of this and the most money to be had an made many people fall by the wayside and because they feel disenfranchised riots, revolutions and crime ensue.

The riots in London of 2012 have been attributed to poverty but in truth they were the result of the society as it stands and not in any way a result of real poverty. Some of those involved in the rioting and looting were young people from rather affluent household even.

But, back to the state of mind business as regards to poverty also means understanding that material possessions and money is not the measure as to whether someone is rich or poor. Poverty of the mind and of the soul can be much worse that physical poverty as in “lacking” things.

Our society is geared only to materialism nowadays and people do not seem to count and that is far greater poverty than any other kind and we have become really poor as a society regardless as to whether the people are.

People are being used and things are being loved and this is the world turned upside down and this is also what causes physical poverty. It is our attitude towards things, towards owning this and that, and to having more than the neighbor that also leads people to believe that they are poor and here we are back at the state of mind.

Who creates the measurement as to who is poor and who is not, in way of wealth? Mostly those that have and upon their judgment those that have less base their perception of poverty.

Advertising is telling everyone that, in order to be someone, they have to have this and that and that much on income, etc., but few of those that strive for such goals are happy. Often the people that they regard as being poor are happier than they are – until someone tells them that they are the poor and don't have enough of material things – and those poor are also those that are the most hospitable and charitable, sharing the little they have with others.

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