British Leeks - 2012 Season Launches

Shop Seasonally for Great Flavor and Budget Beating Recipes

Leeks campaign launch 2012The new British leek season is here (November-April). With rising food prices leaving us all feeling short-changed at the checkout, what better time to rely on fresh, seasonal British produce to keep the flavor on our table and the pennies in our pocket.

Delicious dishes don’t have to cost the earth. Try one of our brand new “Recipes for Under a Fiver” a delicious suite of recipes that cost less than 5 Pounds Sterling to feed a family or four.

Developed by Jane Hornby former editor of BBC Good Food magazine and author of ‘Good Food: Budget Dishes’ for affordable and easy to prepare solutions for the whole family. Feast on: -

- Spiced leek, potato and lentil soup,
- Squash, leek and lemon risotto,
- Leek, chorizo and goats cheese tortilla,
- Pasta with leeks, chilli and prawns,
- Hearty leek and lamb cobbler,
- Bacon wrapped chicken with leeks, peas and basil.

If you love the idea of shopping seasonally and saving at the supermarket, read on for some more thrifty tips:

- Pays to plan – planning your family’s meals for the whole week will mean less wasted ingredients
- Flavor fresh – fresh ingredients, such as lovely fresh British leeks, are much more economic than pre-prepared meals – and likely to be far more nutritious
- Stay simple – stick to tasty but simple dishes that don’t require a trolley full of fancy ingredients
- Waste not want not – get creative with leftovers. Older fruit and vegetables make delicious smoothies or soups
- Online only – shop online to avoid being tempted by (often naughty!) extras
- Supermarket survey – investigate different supermarkets for price and quality

For more thrifty shopper tips or to download our brand our new British leeks’ recipes visit

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