How powerful are we when truly organized?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

People don't understand often that they do not have to be the slaves of the political system in any way shape or form and that governments only have the level of power over us that we allow them to have.

Let's take the case of the CB radio issue back in the 1970's as an example of the power of the people. The FCC was trying to get all the truckers to get a license for using CB radios. The truckers, however, flat out refused to get the license that the agency and with it the government was trying to enforce. United together the truckers won and the idea of a license for CB radio in the USA was abandoned.

Collective consciousness equals collective power. Violence begets violence... peaceful non-participation is the answer (Gandhi)

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" ~ Buckminster Fuller

Violent protests and riots only get the back up of the powers that be. Non-violent non-participation, on the other hand, is something that they cannot handle. It freaks them out, and not just governments.

The British in India and South Africa tried to fight Gandhi's non-violence with violence in an effort to bring Gandhi and his followers to the point of using violence themselves. It did not work and in the end Gandhi and his people won.

Governments are more vulnerable than people think and also than they think. They can collapse in an instant when consent is withdrawn. Take your power back... withdraw consent!

This withdrawing of consent can take many forms, from refusing to fill in census forms, though deemed unlawful not to; not returning this or that other form to be filled in; to not taking part in the process of elections; and much more.

While we are being told time and again that our votes count in the elections the truth, whether in the USA or in Britain, is that it hardly does and the biggest problem is the way it is being counted.

When 100% is the electorate but 70% stay at home and the government the claims to have a majority from those 30% that have voted then that, in my opinion, is fraud. Many of those that decided not to go to the polling stations and cast their ballot may be making a statement that could be defined as “none of the above”, as far as the ballot paper is concerned and thus a majority out of 30% of the entire electorate is not a majority and thus any government taking power under such conditions should and must be considered illegitimate.

This also applies to votes in our current trade unions in Britain say in strike ballots.

Not so long ago a union claimed to have the mandate for a strike when they had about the same amount of returns as the 30% I have just mentioned.

When 80% from those 30% say yes to a strike that means and 20% of those that returned the ballot papers and those that did not return the papers actually combine a majority against a strike.

A reevaluation is needed on this so-called democratic level that will calculate the non-voters not simply as abstainers but as votes against and when that is with regards to the government of a country then that means that “none of the above” has one and any government established on the majority of the minority should and must, as said, regarded and treated as illegitimate.

Take your power back... withdraw consent!

© 2012