The versatile bandana has gotten more versatile still

Hoo-rag Product Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Hoo-ragThe versatile bandana has become more versatile still, thanks to the Hoo-rag bandana.

Fair enough, the Hoo-rag is not a bandana, in the true and traditional sense and style. Rather than a standard bandana the Hoo-rag bandana is a seamless tube of material that can be used in many different ways.

The Hoo-rang bandanas are a seamless cotton-polyester blended microfiber that is lightweight, moisture wicking and simply fun to wear.

People use them as traditional bandanas, a beanie, neck gaiter, and more. The ways of wearing them are almost legion and the video that can be found on the Hoo-rag website will show you how to turn the Hoo-rag bandana tube into the various items it can be used for.

The Hoo-rag is putting a barrier between your head and the elements, from helping to block the sun, to blocking sand and dust, snow, and small debris.

It is a great piece of kit for outdoors enthusiasts, survivalists, outdoor professionals, and even military and special law enforcement personnel.

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