Reuse a T-shirt by mending it

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Get a hole in your T-Shirt? Use a piece of another T-Shirt to patch it up.

All too often we throw clothes that have but a small hole in them away. This did not happen in years gone buy where patching was the order of the day and done in such a way that it was a fashion statement often.

Everything was being patched up and worn, often, until it fell apart, literally, and this was the same for shirts (T-shirts are rather a newish invention), trousers, coats, and, basically, every other textile item, and we must return to such a make do and mend attitude. We cannot afford to continue using resources in the way we are doing presently.

It was common to see patches on the outside of pants, for instance, whether jeans or others, especially at the knees, where pants tend to wear out first and the same was true for sweaters, where often the elbows were, in fact, patched with leather.

Socks were darned and the same went for holes in woollies of all kinds and some people were extremely apt in this skill making the repair to be almost invisible.

However, why not wear your repaired style with pride by patching your clothes well but openly? It could even become fashionable to do it (again).

Repair, don't replace...

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