NYC will get its first zero-waste store this spring, thanks to Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer & Daniel Silverstein

Singer, the mastermind behind 'Trash is for Tossers', wants to make waste-free living as easy and accessible as possible.

In 2014, Lauren Singer invited TreeHugger to take an exclusive tour of her zero-waste apartment. The result was a beautiful slideshow revealing her spacious cupboards and drawers, plastic-free utensils, and uncluttered fridge filled with Mason jars. Over the past several years, Singer has gone on to achieve zero-waste fame with her blog, Trash is for Tossers, her inspiring TED talk, and a YouTube channel full of practical tips. She has also launched a natural laundry detergent company called The Simply Co.

Now Singer is on to another interesting project. Together with Daniel Silverstein, a fashion designer who utilizes discarded fabric to make clothes, she is opening a pop-up zero-waste store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from May till July. Called Package Free, its goal is to provide New Yorkers with the tools they need for trash-free living -- or, as the tagline says, to be able to "think outside the box," quite literally. If the pop-up proves successful, it could turn into a permanent store in the future.

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