Scotland Yard has been accused of hacking campaigners' email accounts

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

New_Scotland_Yard_sign_webThe police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is investigating whether Scotland Yard detectives used hackers in India to target campaigners, including Greenpeace organizers.

A claim, made in a letter from a purported whistleblower, who appears to be a Detective in the Metropolitan Police, talks of hundreds of email accounts were monitored without legal authority. The letter further claims that officers shredded documents to cover up the monitoring, despite being ordered to preserve them.

If the alleged whistleblower's allegations are true, the IPCC said, then the hacking would be unlawful if personal communications were intercepted for any other reason other than to combat major crime, terrorism or some other serious public need. Such monitoring must be approved by the home secretary.

This is the same unit, it would appear, that has been infiltrating protest movements over the years and undercover officers even went as far as to have sexual relations with some of the female members they were spying on, including fathering children, under fake identities. Often those fake identities were those of dead children.

It would appear that the police and intelligence services of this country – and not of this country alone – believe themselves to be entirely above any laws and our respective governments actually collude in their actions. Nay, they encourage them even. Everyone who in even the slightest way disagrees with the actions of the government and the corporations is being seen as a dissident and worse, a (domestic) terrorist. What has happened to government and its agencies being accountable to the people?

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