2017 UK General Election

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

2010-06-26-solidarityIn a surprise move British Prime Minster Theresa May announced on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 that she is calling a snap general election for June 8, and on Wednesday, April 19, MPs have “overwhelmingly” backed her in this.

Now we are once again asked to make our choice who is allowed to lord it over us but as we have, at present, no better system at hand we have but one choice, that is to say choosing from two parties, the Tories or Labour. Everything else is a wasted vote and if you want a change to the destruction that is being meted out to this country by May's Tories at the moment, whether you are for or against Brexit, the only choice there is is Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

A vote for the Green Party, for instance, is a vote for neo-liberalism as is a vote for the Lib-Dems, the traitors who betrayed the people the last time round when they went into coalition with the Tories. Already now Tim Farron has basically said, by not ruling it out, that the Lib-Dems could be prepared to go into coalition again with the Tories. All just so they can get – somehow – into power, even if only as second fiddle players.

The neoliberals of the Greens and the Lib-Dems will want to keep the UK under the thumb of the neoliberal European Union where democracy means absolutely nothing and which is not just headed towards a federal Europe but actually towards something that will make all the nation states in this one Europe into regions, with, if the lords of Brussels get their way, appointed governors and cabinets and the people having no say in the matter whatsoever.

The Communist Party in Britain did see this coming and that is why they advised to vote for leaving the EU and it was, basically, the late Bob Crow, a true socialist and working class hero, who started the campaign of NO2EU for the trade unions and the labor movement.

As I have said above, there is no other choice, as the current system does not allow for it, and a social democrat government by Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is by far the better outcome than a continuation of austerity and the oppression of the poor and less well off under May and the Tories. The way May and her party are proceeding they will make Thatcher look like St. Francis of Assisi by comparison.

At present there is, as said, but one choice to effect any kind of change and that is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. A vote for any other party is a wasted vote.

Only a Labour government can guarantee our environmental policies to continue, and even improve, as far as green issues are concerned, and will put an end to austerity and the oppression of the poor. Another five years of May and the Tories will destroy the working class and the poor and literally lead to deaths among the less well off, the unemployed and disabled. We must put a stop to that.

I know that the ideal case would be a true socialist party to come into office – I will not use the often mentioned “coming to power” for the power should and must rest with the people – but that ideal case we do not, as yet, have.

Do we need a worker's revolution in Britain? Yes! When? Ideally now, but that is not going to happen as the ground just is not ready for it. Thus, the only option is somewhat socialism lite in the form of social democracy as the old Labour Party had and maybe the Labour Party could get again under Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Unless you want to continue the same Tory agenda that we have at present and worse then vote Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister. Voting for any other party is a wasted vote that will keep the Tories in power and not voting does the same. If you want a change in the way Britain is governed – until we can get down to a revolution of the working class – then it has to be a vote for JC4PM. So, let's make June the end of May and the Tories and their war on the poor and the environment.

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