Harvesting/deadheading tub from milk container

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

HarvestingTub1_webDepending how much milk you consume in your household those plastic bottles or jugs, or whatever we may like to call them, can create a lot of bulk in your bin (unless you put them out for recycling where collections are available). I am on my own but love milk and can go through at least three four pint jugs a week. That is three of those bulky thinks that fill the bin.

Well, there are so many useful things, as far as I am concerned that can be made from at least part of them that I rather think first as to what use I can put them before I toss them.

This tub, designed to be worn on a belt, for harvesting or deadheading in the garden – allowing for both hands to be free – is made from a four pint (British) plastic milk bottle/jug.

First you cut off the bottom part of the jug at that “line” that is just about visible as it is part of the molding process. That bottom piece you retain as the tub. Now cut a broad strip from what is left from the top part, fold this over and rivet it (or affix by whatever means you want) to the tub itself. And, voila, one belt-worn harvesting/deadheading tub that has cost you almost nothing and keeps some plastic out of the landfill (or the recycling).

This kind of tub also comes in handy – pardon the pun – for putting out, and taking in, the laundry in that it can be used to carry the clothespins. It is also suitable as a shell bag for use with shotgun shells, for instance.

No doubt there will be other uses that we can all find for something like this aside from the given. And, as making those costs virtually nothing we can always make a number of them for different uses.

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