Man creates mountains of compost from Dublin's waste—plus a storyteller's perspective on immigration

Dublin mountain of compost photo

"Hidden behind the the cobbled streets of Dublin, through a gate and up a hill, lies a mountain… of compost. Enter the world of Tony Lowth.

That's how the film makers and storytellers of The Perennial Plate introduce us to episode 162. In it, we see the how Tony—a Dubliner who describes himself as formerly broken and destitute—has transformed an abandoned parking lot into an incredible urban garden.

But that's not his only gift to the city. Tony also makes regular rounds of the city's markets, stables, stores and coffee shops. On these missions he collects food waste, coffee grounds and horse manure which he builds into gigantic mountains (he is not exaggerating) of compost that feeds the garden.

"I'm only giving back what I got from people, and I enjoy doing it," he says. I am certain they are grateful.

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