Typhoon Green Pan from Lakeland – Product Review

Go Green In Your Kitchen

Review by Michael Smith

If you’re keen to pick eco-friendly products then check out these beautifully designed pans – must-haves for a greener kitchen!

The pans are crafted from recycled aluminium and the manufacturing process uses less energy, making them the ideal choice for eco-conscious cooks, whatever is on the menu.

Using recycled aluminium also means that no new Bauxite needs to be mined in order to produce “virgin” aluminium. A great plus for sure, giving old aluminium a second life.

In fact, aluminium is a metal that can be nigh on indefinitely recycled, similar to stainless steel, though, I believe, the latter's properties for that are a litle surperior to aluminium.

The Kyoto range is coated with Thermolon, a ceramic-based non-stick covering which contains fewer chemicals, gives easy-release for food, is easy to care for. Please note: Do not use metal utensils with this pan. The non-stick coating will get damaged if you do.
Thermolon non-stick coating is manufactured PFOA-free and in an environmentally friendly way, resulting in 60% less CO2 emission, according to a statement by the manufacturer. The coating also PTFE-free and therefore does not “off-gas”, that is to say, does release any toxic fumes during the heating process, unlike other coatings one could mention but better does not.

The packaging of the pan, bar the plastic bubble wrap of the handle, is cardboard made of post-consumer paper in a bleach-free process.

Typhoon Green Pan Kyoto Range - 20cm ref 12909, £21.52, 24cm ref 12910, £25.44, 28cm ref 12911, £29.35

One word of advice: Do not, under any circumstance, use metal utensils in this kind of pan and also do not use any abrasive scourer, whether metal or other.

Well, I have tested the frying pan that arrived here, the 20cm one, and I must say that I am very impressed. Please the reader might like to note that I am not easily impressed by anything but. I am a lover of fried egg sandwiches and we all know how eggs stick to a pan, even one coated with the material that was developed for space flight (get what I am talking about?), but here there is no sticking whatsoever. In fact the eggs float in the pan while being cooked to perfection without burning. Wow! The best fried egg sandwich I have had for year.

The pan heats up quickly and cooks extremely well and evenly, making for well-cooked food. With the egg there was absolutely no burning but then I must admit that I did follow the full advice and used Olive Oil for frying.

Unlike many other pans that I have used and tested with different non -stick coatings and none that appear to have problems with the use of Olive Oil none of these exist, so it would appear, with the Typhoon Green Pan.

Needless to say, I guess, that this pan may be in daily use for my fried egg sandwiches and such.

Another great product from Lakeland and a great green product too seeing it is made from 100% recycled aluminium.

Oh, and no, Lakeland do not pay me for writing this; just in case you wonder. Chance would be a fine thing but...

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009