Brits are significantly changing their spending patterns in a bid to survive the credit crunch, with 91% making a move to cut costs. Measures being employed include turning down the heating, cutting down on high street shopping and staying in more.

As part of its Changing Face of British Homes research, Legal & General asked more than 4,000 Brits what action they will be taking to help manage their household budgets.

Despite the cold weather, 41% of Brits will be turning down the heating and putting on more clothes to save money. However, the clothes Brits are donning will not be new. More than one in two people, 54%, say they have cut down on high street purchases such as make up and clothes.

While their homes may no longer be quite as cosy as they would like, Brits will be spending more evenings in their house, 41%, and eating in more often, 42%.

Across the UK , Northerners are living up to their hardy reputation with 46% turning down the central heating compared to only 37% of Londoners. The older generation is also showing more grit, with the over 55 age group most likely to put an extra layer on rather than turn on the heating, 47%, compared with only 35% of 18-24 year olds.

The research reveals that groups of people sharing a house will be eating out less often, 47%. There will also be fewer retirees in restaurants as one in three, 34%, will be eating in more.

Garry Skelton, Marketing Director at Legal & General’s general insurance business said: “The recession has meant many Brits have had to keep a closer eye on their household finances. At a time when people are under increasing financial pressure, it is more important than ever that households are properly insured so that they are not left with a large bill should the worst happen.

When it comes to heating, turning the thermostat down by a couple of degrees may be a shrewd move, but turning the heating off completely in very cold conditions could lead to problems such as burst pipes – which could result in an expensive repair bill.”

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Legal & General’s Changing Face of British Homes is an ongoing research study by Legal & General’s general insurance business to understand how people from different demographic groups use and relate to their homes. The study looks at the home lives of people across the UK in order to understand their changing needs and tastes. Research was conducted by YouGov between 23 and 26 January 2009 amongst a GB representative sample of 4,429 adults. Find out more Changing Face of British Homes research at

Source: FD Consumer Dynamics