Eco Grease – Product Review

Environmentally-friendly bicycle grease

Review by Michael Smith

The same small environmentally conscious company that brought you the Green Oil , the eco-friendly cycle oil, now brings you Eco Grease, the environmentally-friendly bicycle grease.

I must admit that I have been sitting on this – though not literally – for a while now, as I received the sample at last year's Cycle Show. However, I had not reason to try to really use it before. Having recently had to re-tighten the crank on my favorite Raleigh Pioneer Classic I used the Eco-Grease to lube the crank shaft through the grease hole with this Raleigh bike has on the underside and while it would have been better had I had the grease in a grease gun with some more pressure to push it in it worked well enough from the plastic bottle.

The result is very satisfying and the crank is the quietest it has been for many, many years.

The best past with Eco Grease, the same as it is with Green Oil, is that it is not harmful to the environment during use or disposal. This is not what could be said for any other grease that is petroleum based or even the majority of synthetic oils, bar may those that are base on Castor oil. Those latter ones still do contain some harmful chemicals. Green Oil and Eco Grease, on the other hand, are free of those.

Once again a great product, especially for the cyclist.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009