The Green Agenda – Are We Engaging the Consumer?

One Day Conference at Kingston University
April 22nd 2009

The rise and rise of the green agenda is creating an ever increasing numbers of green initiatives, CSR projects, local and national government proposals. Almost all organisations – both commercial and non commercial - want to establish their green credentials and communicate them to the consumer.

But what do consumers themselves think about this? Are they listening? And how does the green agenda really impact on them? In order to answer these questions we need to go beyond the familiar and well trodden paths that lead so often to ‘green wash’. We need to explore ways of delivering green credentials in ways that are authentic, motivating and transformational for the consumer.

In order to explore these issues, Kingston University has brought together a number of leading experts from a wide range of sectors – manufacturing, retailing, NGO’s and a number of consultancies. Speakers include Kirsten Reeves (Defra), Prof Elizabeth Shove (ESRC Sustainable Development Fellow), Julia Clarke (Tate and Lyle), Louise Adams (Innocent), and Pete Askew (GoodBrand).

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