GreenLifeBuzz Launch!

Green (Living) Review a proud participant in GreenLifeBuzz

by Michael Smith

London, UK, March 24, 2009: An new exciting project is being launched today, GreenLifeBuzz and Green (Living) Review is proud to be a participant in this new venture.

When it comes to trying to follow all the Green Blogs – same as all those on IT, for instance – it is hard to keep us, unless one manages to subscribe too all, or at least most, of them. Not everyone wants to do that, however.

Therefore aggregated services such as GreenLifeBuzz, which has just launched on March 24, 2009, are great for both the interested readers and the writers of Blogs and sites.

The Green (Living) Review was approached at the set-up stage of this exiting project and naturally the Green (Living) Review agreed to participate.

While we have decided not to take the opportunity of using the keyword widget on the site due to the fact that its size would interfere with the readability of the sidebar the keywords are, generally, a valuable tool, but something that we, because of the nature of our site, had to do without.

GreenLifeBuzz will centralize green living and Eco Friendly blogs in one place, making it therefore easy for anyone interested in the subjects too find the articles that have been written by the Bloggers and can read extracts on the site and then, if they want to, can go to read the rest of the entry at the Blogs where the piece originated.

GreenLifeBuzz's is being aimed at the 95% of people who do not subscribe to Blogs but are interested in this content. GreenLifeBuzz is a way that they can more easily find the content they are looking for and it can also an aide to Bloggers in terms of organizing their content.

The Green (Living) Review is proud too be a part of this new and exiting projects and we hope and believe that it will be beneficial to all parties concerned.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009