A new Green Social Networking website is launched

by Michael Smith

On March 11, 2009, Cooltribe.com, the new social networking site dedicated to connecting like minded people around the world who care for the environment, fight global warming and other ethical issues, went live.

It's pretty easy to find greenies on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, but if you want a community that is specifically geared towards getting green-minded people together, check out this new website.

Its founder, Hessia Fernandes, explains that Cooltribe offers a communication platform for groups and individuals around the world to share their thoughts, ideas, videos and all other forms of content. Joining the community is free for everyone.

Cooltribe includes daily news imported from across media sources, daily discussion topics where members can air their views and experiences and daily action challenges, where a small action taken daily can help reduce man's negative impact on the environment.

www.cooltribe.com will provide more features to its members moving forward. "we are well aware that people currently use more developed forms of social networking like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo amongst others successful sites. Our aim is not to compete with the Facebooks but to create a vibrant community and keep the environmental topic at the forefront of the social agenda."

"There are a large number of groups, of all sizes and from all corners of the world, who are doing amazing things everyday and these people don't have a platform to publish their news and attract more people to join their causes. That's one of the key reasons Cooltribe was created, we give them a voice" she adds.

Cooltribe.com welcomes international users. The site is currently in English language only but Cooltribe hopes that its success will attract investments to help them develop new and cool applications.

Cooltribe is not an accredited body, nor a charitable organization. Cooltribe believes in the spirit of community and its power to make a difference.

"We believe the global warming problem and its social repercussions are so important that they warrant their own environmental social networking site." says Hessia.

It must be added, however, that Cooltribe is not the first Green Online Community, others wear that crown, and there are one or two that have a similar philosophy and a way of creating groups and in at least one, if I am not mistaken, those are called “Tribes” as well.

Cooltribe calls itself the "international social networking site with a green conscience" and its purpose is to take the hassle out of hunting down fellow green thinkers in larger social networking groups but, as said already, there are other groups that are Green only orientated and hence no hunting needed.

However, the site pulls together everything people might want in a social network - from meeting great people, to finding out about environmental activism, to staying updated on news all shared by users, and maybe will even go so far, in time, to act as a green news aggregation service.

Other groups worth considering are “WiserEarth”, which is a very advanced networking website based on environmentalism, and also and especially “Greenopolis” and I say that regardless of the fact that I am a “Thought Leader” there, and there there is also "Creative Citizen".

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009