Aspenware Inc provides biodegradable knives, spoons and forks to the JUNO Awards Gift Bags

Lumby, B.C. (March 23, 2009) - On March 26-29th Vancouver plays host to The 2009 JUNO Awards. When Canada’s top recording artists arrive in the stunning host city, they will discover a limited edition, cedar giftbox adorned with Coast Salish art and loaded with “made in B.C.” gourmet and luxury items.

Designed locally by The Uptown GiftBox Company, the exclusive gift package is part of this year’s coveted JUNO Awards Gift Bag, and unites some of the province’s best purveyors of gourmet specialties and artisan products.

“I was inspired by the 100-mile-diet approach and we carefully chose the contents and suppliers. This giftbox took us six months to design and secure the best of the best of British Columbia. We scoured the province for some of the most inspiring and intriguing,” says Uptown CEO and founder Gabrielle Durning. “Aspenware was a natural choice to include in this gift design.”

The exclusively BC-Made Uptown GiftBox will be presented to the likes of Bryan Adams, Sarah McLachlan, Nickelback, Diana Krall, Elvis Costello and host Russell Peters.

Aspenware was selected as one of the suppliers for the coveted gifts along with other prominent BC companies. Owner and President of Aspenware, Terry Bigsby, commented that “this is a great opportunity for Aspenware and all of Canada to have a look at another aspect of Canadian Innovation.” It is exposure like The JUNO Awards and presenting the cutlery on an episode of CBC’s the Dragons’ Den that has created a cascading effect with Aspenware. “We are starting to see the push towards healthy, functional alternatives in all aspects of our lives,” says Bigsby. “People are wanting and creating positive environmental changes; gone are the days of using cheap plastic that affects our planet forever.”

In North America billions of pieces of plastic disposable cutlery are used every year. The ecological and health consequences associated with the production, use and disposal of these products are growing. Aspenware believes that their biodegradable wooden cutlery will help reduce these issues one meal at a time in our ever growing disposable world.

At Aspenware, they make planet & people friendly wooden knives, spoons and forks. Wood is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable making it the material of choice for people today and for future generations. Their cutlery is well-designed, functional and the knives are strong enough to cut through steak! It is 100% natural and backyard compostable.

Fore more information on Aspenware please visit http://www.aspenware.ca

Source: Aspenware