Lakeland Garden Catalog – Review

by Michael Smith

Recently I received the Garden Catalog from Lakeland, the well-known household goods company in the English Lake District, hence the name “Lakeland”.

While Lakeland have had in their catalogs in the past items and tools for the garden here and there this is the first dedicated Garden Catalog of Lakeland.

The range of tools and products is overwhelming and all look very good and impressive.

With gardening, especially as to growing your own food, being on the in crease, due to environmental green concerns and also the state of the economy, on the in crease this catalog is a great addition to Lakeland's range.

Amongst the items that very much have caught my attention in this catalog are the Patio Garden Range of durable polyethylene sacks on page 22 and 23 of the catalog and which, from the looks in the pages of he catalog are of the same or similar material as the builder's bags in which sand and such items are nowadays delivered, but smaller and specially designed with gardening in mind.

Those should be most interesting to anyone who does not have the facility for digging up a garden for the growing of food crops, not even for raised beds. Those, as far as I can see, could also be used on balconies and not only on the patio.

Another item of great interest to me is the Mini Grow Bed and its accessories on page 21 of the same catalog. This too is ideal for the town dweller and the suburbanite who does not want to dig up his or her garden “for victory” but nevertheless wants to grow food at home.

Obviously there is a lot more in the dedicated Lakeland Garden Catalog for the gardener of whatever kind, from growing food to just – excuse me but – keeping flowers and a great and healthy lawn.

Another great thing for the urbanite and suburbanite with the wish to be more self-reliant as far as fresh vegetables and such are concerned is a Patiogro system on page 24 and 25. I saw the Patiogro for the first time at the Garden Press Event 2008 and it is, in my opinion, a great invention for those that wish to grow lots of salad stuffs and such in a small space.

I hope to be able to review a couple of the items in the pages of the Green (Living) Review (and associated publications) in due course.

© M Smith (Veshengro), 2009