Why it pays to be an active city

ActiveCityThe same elements that make a city a great place for physical activity also make it more competitive for investment and job creation.

Mandy Ayres from Nike, and a speaker at our upcoming Active by Design Summit, and Philip Insall from Sustrans discuss the massive gains that can come from increasing  physical activity levels in cities.

According to the World Health Organisation, physical inactivity is now the fourth largest contributor to global mortality and costs the UK economy around £20 billion a year.

Nike and Sustrans, and others in the health, education and planning sectors are reframing the issue from a positive perspective. We want to focus on the massive gains that come from reversing the decline in activity, rather than the negatives of failure to do so.

Both of our organisations believe that a city that makes active living a priority will have a major advantage in the global competition for jobs and investment.

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