Gourmet Weeds

Gourmet WeedsForaging for wild food provides a huge range of delectable delights as well as bringing us closer to nature and more in tune with the seasons.

Many of us have foraged for blackberries, sloes, elderberries, dandelion, nuts and much more, but here Katrina Blair, founder of the wild food cafe at Turtle Lake Refuge, Durango, US, explains the never ending list of wild edibles available that we can easily miss.

Katrina looks at the wide range of weeds many people pull up and discard - some with medicinal benefits, others packed full of nutrients. From cleavers, milk thistle, mallow and wild sage to

She then shares how these seeds, roots and leaves can be turned into delicious meals of 'leaf chips', flax crackers and chicory chai tea.

Katrina is genuinely inspiring and has an amazing insight into the bounty nature provides. We guarantee you will enjoy this video wherever you live!

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