Jen Gale’s Simple Kitchen Energy Saving Tips!

If you are anything like Jen, you might spend a reasonable amount of time thinking about food-what to make, new recipes to try out etc etc.

But how many of us put much thought into how much energy we use cooking our food? Eating is after all, essential. But are there ways we can eat well and save energy (and money!) at the same time?

The answer is yes! Here are Jen’s top tips for cooking with less (energy).

  • Batch cook-in the ‘good-old days’, it was not uncommon to set aside one day a week to baking everything that would be needed for the coming week. It saves all the energy that would be needed heating up the oven each time. Batch cooking savoury dishes also works well (and saves you time). Freeze what you don’t eat ready for another day
  • The energy saving-ness (not a word we know) of Slow Cookers has been independently verified. By me For a ‘roast chicken’ they use less than a third of the energy. Apparently you can also use slow cookers for jacket potatoes, and cakes- potentially life changing..!
  • Pre-soak rice and pasta in cold water to reduce the cooking time. Another method that has been tried and tested with some success, is to put the pasta in the pan with cold water, bring it up to the boil, with a lid on, then turn the heat off and leave it to cook in the residual heat. It takes a few minutes longer, but it does work.
  • Get a wonderbag, or make yourself a wonder box, or haybox
  • Halogen cookers are supposed to be lower in energy than conventional electric ones, as areRemoska mini-electric ovens
  • If you have a combi microwave, it can also act as an oven and a grill, and uses much less energy, as it is a smaller space to heat

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