This Bell Does Not Ring True

The Slug Bell – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


I must say that I could wrap up this review in a few very short words and, maybe, I do just that, but we shall see. Those words could be, simply, “it does not work.” Or, “looks cute but that is it.”

On the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2011 I took a sample of this device with me for the purpose of a review and it has been outside in my garden for rather some time by now with still the same pellets in there – and the same about – as in the beginning; well, virtually.

But both slugs and snails are very busy in the bed that was having Curly Kale in it. I stress the word “was” as most of those plants no longer really have anything that could pass for leaves I will have to write them off as a loss.

The Slug Bell, I must say, has had absolutely no effect on the slug and snail population having a field day amongst those brassicas; none whatsoever.

Now, you ask, what is verdict. As I said “cute, but it does not work” and is about as useless as are the slug wells, for lack of a better word, where they are supposed to be drowning in beer. In fact, the latter probably are better than the former.

Don't waste your money on this product. Rather buy some proper slug pellets that harmlessly biodegrade. They are available though I must say I have not, as yet, tested them. If a maker would like me to test them I will gladly do so.

Another way of fighting against slugs and snails is the use of nematodes and it is probably that route that I will start to go.

Once again... the Slug Bell does not ring...

N.B. While the picture was taken by me it is not in my garden but from RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.

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