Consumption gone wrong... not that it ever was right

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

consumtion gone wrong Every year, a typical TK Maxx customer will save 850 British Pounds on purchases of items that they he or she does not need. And this is a statement that just about sums up all that is wrong with our attitude today as to consumption.

TK Maxx is a – sort of – discount clothing, etc. store in the same way as it Primark and one or two others and people tend to go and buy because “it is a bargain at that price”. It is a bargain, however on something they do not (really) need and could well do without.

The problem is that we are so seriously conditioned to spend, spend, spend, and that even and especially by our very governments “in order to revitalize the economy”.

Even amongst the “greenies” there is a competition going on, it would seem, as to who can buy the newest and greenest gadgets. And that in such a way that we have now added greensumption to ordinary consumption. This is silly in the extreme.

We must get away from consumption including greensumption and recapture the spirit of what the green movement and the environmental movement was all about; namely reducing consumption and waste, for one.

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