Soldiers Off The Street

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

41569_146394338732643_3006_n Many of our servicemen and -women, after leaving the forces end up, for one reason or the other, on the streets as homeless.

We are failing those prepared to stand on our behalf, time and again; in the field of battle by not giving them the proper kit and later when they leave. It is a real sad state of affairs.

They are left on their own and many, often because of mental scars, end up homeless and, more often than not, living on the streets of our towns and cities, or sleeping rough elsewhere.

Is there another nation that treats its heroes with such callousness and disdain almost, especially another government? I really doubt it.

While Vietnam vets of the USA had a bad homecoming, in general American veterans are looked after much better than our and we won't even speak of other countries to whom their soldiers, sailors and airmen are the greatest and are treated with great respect.

But in Britain we fail our brave men and women who stand on our behalf again and again regardless in what conflict they fought.

The heroes of WWII we nearly as quickly forgotten as were those coming back from Palestine, from Korea, and other theaters of war.

We don't even value them when they were the uniform and serve, not the government and not the majority of people in the UK, and once they have left the service, after their time is up or due to an injury. But we expect them to protect us against all enemies.

Do your part. Help a soldier today!

© 2011