Grow Your Own Vegetables – Book Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Grow your own Vegetables
by Joy Larkcom
2011 abridged edition of the 2002 Frances Lincoln Edition
Frances Lincoln in association with Marshalls Seeds
Paperback 360 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7112-3264-8
Price: £ 9.99

GrowYourOwnVegBook This book, with illustrations by Elizabeth Douglas, is very much a vegetable grower's manual along the lines of books on this subjects that you would have found during the “Dig for Victory” campaign in the Second World War and just after.

It is an easy book full of valuable information on growing, harvesting and storing vegetables of all kinds.

I would say that “Grow your own Vegetables” by Joy Larkcom is a goldmine of information for the beginners who wants to have a go at growing some of his or her own food, as much as for the experienced vegetable gardener.

Just thumbing through its pages I already picked up a fair number of points and tips, some of which, I must say, I did not even know. A gardener, it is true, never finished learning.

This is a book that I can most highly recommend and at £ 9.95 it is not going to break the bank and is a good investment in your future food security, or at least in the preparation for it.

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