Bigfish premiered new folding bikes at Eurobike


By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Simple usage and maximum mobility have always been at the core of Bigfish folding bikes. Now the popular existing model will get a significant technological upgrade and will be joined by a new addition, the Bigfish Line.

bigfish-folding-bike-studio The “original” Bigfish bike, known as the Bigfish Wave after its swooping frame shape, has been improved for 2012. The latest generation of Bigfish’s proprietary Smart Folding Technology (SFT) has been added to the front end to make the folding process even simpler. The new button releases make the fold quicker, cleaner and completely intuitive.

The New Bigfish. The much-anticipated Bigfish Line (its name also coming from the frame shape) will be revealed at Eurobike. Though quite different in appearance, the Line includes all the same SFT features and also folds with complete simplicity.

With a weight of around 12kg both Bigfish models are light, and when folded can be also wheeled with you as you walk. Both bikes have improved gear ratios (available with 1 or 3 speeds), to add power to the already-comfortable ride that comes from having the proportions of a full-size bike.

PLUS - Bigfish goes electric! Bigfish will also get an “e-upgrade” using Sunstar’s S03 electric motor with torque sensor. A power unit can be fitted to any of the two frames, which adds 4kg to the total weight but greatly improves mobility.

In 2010 Bigfish was also recognized by the (Bill) Clinton Global Initiative, that chose this bike as one of four products that can change the way we live. The former US president himself has even tried out the bike on the streets of New York City.

I have seen the Bigfish folding bike on the Cycle Show in London now a couple of times and it is a nice concept and weighs in at less money than does the Brompton, for sure.

One thing I do have a problem with, and that is not just with the Bigfish or any folding bike, but e-bicycles in general. Why does anyone think that an electric motor is such a great idea on a bicycle. It is not a green and environmentally friendly option at all.

The additional weight of the electric motor and the battery is also a consideration but not one that worries me too much. The motor and the battery worry me per se and especially the fact that they all contain bits that need special recycling at the end.

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