The Rising of the Bear

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Beware of the New Russia!

ruska_rich While the USSR was bad, the West thought, they think the New Russia to be benign. Nothing could be further from the truth as that belief appears to be a total fallacy.

The new Russia may be far more dangerous than the old USSR ever was. The new Bear has different claws and much more power, much of it due to its dominance of the oil and gas market and our dependence on it. Whether it aims at world domination by force, I could not say, as yet, but there are also other ways to dominate the other side.

Russia's biggest problem is that, in a fact, it is scared of the outside world and the consequence of this fear always manifests itself in an autocratic state with a Tsar at its head, whether by actual name or not and, believe it or not, the Russian people seem to prefer such “security” and “stability” brought about by a “Tsar”.

Russia has, however, a way of influencing things in the way that it has the finger on the pulse of oil and gas, as I have said already, that flows to the West and we have found already more that once that, under spurious accusations against one of the USSR's former republics, they shut off the flow of gas to Western Europe.

Even former General Secretary of the USSR Michail Gorbachev has come out in August 2011 against KGB General Vladimir Putin and his Russia, and when Gorbachev says such things we in the West best sit up and listen.

Putin is a creation of the old Soviet Union of the KGB and the leopard does not change his spots and the truth is that once KGB always KGB, whatever the service may be called now.

Psychiatry is now, once again, being added to the armory of the Russian legal apparatus and this is really something that should make us take note and the red flag – no, not the communist one – should be popping up giving us warning that something is going awry.

Many of the oligarchs, those that Putin allowed to remain, and that should make us think, shouldn't it, have gone to the west to buy up sports clubs, and especially newspapers and other media, including in Britain The Independent (thus no longer) and The London Evening Standard, the latter of which is now given away free.

Alarm bells should be sounding in each of our heads but more so even in the heads of our elected representatives. But that does not seem to be the case in the latter instance. One can but wonder why...

Beware of the Bear!

© 2011